38 Years Later....

38 Years Later....

Today I came full circle. Never in my life would I expect what innocently happened as I reached for the volume set of books given to me in my younger days having no memory of when, but always taking them in my boxes of books to keep - never opened, until today.

I remember very clearly where I was at in life then. I lived in Whispering Brook in Portage, Michigan. I worked 50-60 hour weeks managing both Jo-Ann Fabrics at that time, hiring potential managers off of Western's campus and training them, training the district on merchandising and loss prevention per my DM; and playing racquetball 6 days a week.

That's where I was at...and physically, I am right back there now. It was a journey but I reached that goal, perhaps this was why I discovered the inscriptions today.

Mint condition as I try to keep my books, sitting on the shelves of whatever place I currently call home, and then packed away and moved again, and again. Six times actually. To it's most recent resting place on the shelves in my office, along with countless others, one signed by Gloria Steinman in person, countless others from the buying shows, huge commercial cooking books, textile chemistry, but this one...never ever cracked open until today.

You see, part of my plan for rebuilding my business was to post a weekly quote because I love quotes, and this is a two volume set on women's quotes....inside cover.

Was I surprised, I think more touched, we were taught at a young age to always sign books we gift to others; because we want to wish them joy, enlightenment and special time to themselves enjoying it. But this, for some reason was always off my radar, until 38 years later.

The gifts are no longer, she is in memory care...so maybe this was my gift from her, long after she has forgotten and me, too.

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