And Another Chapter Into My Life's Work

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And Another Chapter Into My Life's Work

FedEx has played games with an order coming from one of my favorites - "Weavin' Place" in Folsom, Louisiana. Making working a little sketchy, in-between caring/worrying about the Louie situation.

Cheryl Dunworth and I had been talking for quite some time about me getting a Saori loom. As a 30+ year weaver (how many years since I dove in head first, doesn't mean I wove that whole time) I knew deep down I was always attracted to "color/texture" so the first time I saw Chiaki O'Brien and Dan too, I was intrigued and perplexed, here was something that made sense, but didn't. With my travels, I have met several who are Saori weavers...and it wasn't necessarily "my" thing yet still - it was. At one of my guilds I had remarks (not unkind) that I was a "different" type of weaver from the others. I went into hiding somewhat...I had similar when I used to knit when I was a little girl and carry in my left hand in a community that carried in their right and made no sense to me.

So, when people do things "their own way" I get it. I may suggest tips if I see someone struggling, but otherwise...I really don't care. I am looking forward to my new loom making my life much easier on warping and designing. And, I will be selling off several of my formal ones this will be replacing.

I wish everyone a fantastic day.

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