I realize this is a topic we always expect others to go thru quietly, and for the most part we all do. Don't post it here they say, because this is all about business without being a business, being personal without being too much. I beg to differ. If you are here, you most likely know me beyond the casual owner of River's Edge Fiber Arts. You selected this section because you wanted to know about my business, me or something similar. So here you are and here I write from my heart.

Honoring those who have passed by caring for them while they are present is the greatest gift we can be given.

My father passed away one day after his 92nd birthday. My immediate family gathered at his last place of residence and celebrated quietly rather than our normal lighting off mountains of fireworks across the lake sky up at the cottage my Dad designed and built over the years for all of us. We were saying our last good-byes, me hoping for one more day, but at least I got his last birthday in place of it.

He passed away early the following morning, cherished by those who cared for him, knew him forever but, especially me. The last four years he had entrusted his well-being to my sister and me - explicitly - never questioning our decisions for his life, regardless of whatever he was struggling with internally - which was always to go home to a place he was no longer welcome. I still carry that painful knowledge.

I was asked and gave his eulogy, one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life, but would never have any other way.

As many who knew both of us were well aware of, I knew him best of all. They were right and I don't say that arrogantly but truthfully. One slight movement towards the end and I knew instantly his needs/wants and addressed them.

He lived a great honorable life.

I will miss him forever.

William H. Larsen
July 4, 1927 - July 5, 2019
Forever in my heart.


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