Looking back to look forward

A real piece of work, dyeing, water color painting -

Looking back to look forward

How does anyone start after being bombarded with a version of the same message from everyone else. Nope - not going to discuss the pandemic, or the past or the future and how it relates or any other big elephant in the room issues.

As many of you know, I take a lot of workshops and webinars business related, art related and life related. It is a way of connecting and keep up to date and "how" others are doing things.

One thing I have always wanted to explore further was watercolor painting. To me, it's directly related to my work with textile dyeing, understanding how colors inter-mixed, blow apart and separate, and how simply changing one tiny process can result in something else totally different. Like in textile dyes, I use several different brands within a type, different brands of watercolors is proving to have trackable results similar to textile dyes. The pic is of one page from my current project of 60 pages / 4 hues per page done 15 different ways that I started when I started seriously on my watercolor journey. To me, its centering similar to when I am spinning. I can get totally "lost" in the moment and the rest of the world melts away. All the stress, worries, pain, illness, anger, hatred - gone. I truly believe there is truth in Art Therapy for everyone. We don't need to be Artists, we just need to be Makers and that's enough for the moment.

May you find something similar to give you joy. Love Louie & Carol

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  • Mary

    Thank you! I needed this grounding. It seems that every other day, I experience an anxiety attack related to the big issues of the day.

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