MWBTR - and River's Edge Fiber Arts

MWBTR - and River's Edge Fiber Arts

Life is about choices. I fell in love with Boston Terriers when I was three years old, at a relative of my Grandmother Andersen, visiting in Kenosha, WI when this adorable little BT came running at me with every toy under the sun to play. It was instant love, I knew I would have these creatures in my life someday - forever.

Someday came late November 1982 with Checkers, a tiny little thing barely over a pound when I got her. She was amazing, and I was forever in love with the breed, there were no bad Bostons, just bad owners.

After Checkers came Buttons (both well known among the community that knew me when I had my fabric shop), and once Buttons crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I acquired 1st Mitzi a rescue, and added Boo another Rescue and that's when I first contacted MWBTR. At first Boo and Mitzi seemed to get along okay, and then I realized how abused Boo had been, and as she slowly let her "other" side become known, I knew I needed serious help to understand and make her life the best it could be and Mtizi and me.

MWBTR - Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue and especially the president played a huge role in Boo's remaining short life. The book "The Dog Listener" was read cover to cover, and the techniques used to make my home Mitzi, Boo and I could live in together. It still wasn't a bed of roses, I messed up, and Boo messed up, but we both tried, and sadly lost her to cancer at 10 and a half years old, but, MWBTR will forever be special to me, as Denise Yoder was the only one who didn't tell me to have Boo put out of her misery for behavioral issues. I refused to anyway. She was mine for the rest of her life. And, so I pay it forward in Boo's memory.

River's Edge Fiber Arts offers a service where 100% of the proceeds go to MWBTR - skein winding. If you chose to include this service when placing an order for your yarns, please remember it is being passed on to help other Bostons lead healthier happier lives then the situation they came from. The rescue does great work, and it's my way of honoring Boo's memory.

Thank you, from Checkers, Buttons, Mitzi, Boo, Louie and me.

Photo: Louie as a little baby, who helped heal the massive loss of Boo with his gentle sweetness.

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