Once Upon a Time I Lived Among the Amish Part 2

Once Upon a Time I Lived Among the Amish Part 2

Part 1 was published on December 11, 2019.

Lots of things happen, my one week promise of Part 2, turned into a month, I digress. It's been a busy season for all of us.

Part of the "learn to weave workshop" package I paid for included staying at a house that had been converted over to pretty much what we call an AirBnB now-a-days right next to the huge converted "Grange Hall" studio. I rented a room, brought my food and used the kitchen. It was simple, basic and I was barely there during waking hours, the studio or what was happening in the community was much more interesting to me then sleep. Sleep turned into an elusive endeavor anyways.

The week long workshop started with arrival on Sunday afternoon. As mentioned the last 10 miles or so where roads with no signage, and I arrived just fine, and curious as all get out about this fairytale I just drove into.

Kathy got us settled in, and then mentioned half jokingly with a little grin, "by the way - you may be awakened around 4am by the horses, tonight is courting night." Anyone knowing me knows that leads to another question - what?

This is the night that Amish families with eligible (of age in their world) young females pull their curtains to one side as a signal they are "open" for her to be courted that night.

The young men drive along the countryside "picking" out their possible future wife for the night, stake their claim for the evening, and stay the night including the "bundling" board bed situation. The young men must be home to milk the cows around 4am so the tiny two block town comes alive with buggies with swinging oil lanterns hanging off the corner, racing down the street in front of the house I was in. And, so I sat out on the wide old porch, and watched this amazing "race" of the young men to get home in time, and that kicked off my stay in Smicksburg.

With my curiosity peaked, everyday when the workshop concluded I hopped in my car and went for a drive around the countryside to see what was going on among the daily, ritualistic life of the Amish.

And this concludes Part 2, Part 3 coming. Enjoy as I did.

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