Show Season is Coming Up!

Fall Fiber Expo, Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool, SAFF, Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, Wool Gathering -

Show Season is Coming Up!

September starts a heavy duty fall show season for me. They will take me from Wisconsin, Southern Ohio, Michigan (twice) and to my favorite place for color change - Asheville.

They are: Wisconsin Sheep & Wool, Wool Gathering, Northern MI Lamb & Wool, Fall Fiber Expo and SAFF respectively.

They are also listed on the Events page along with dates. Check them out in case you wanted to take a workshop or two while enjoying all the other activities a festival has to offer. Several go fast, and some have closing dates for sign-up fast approaching. Don't miss your chance.

Louie and I will be traveling with "Louie's Playhouse" in tow, too. It's requiring some repairs and upgrades that I hope to squeeze in in-between new products for this Fall. 

Also new this year the real-time show inventory will be listed in the shop by the 1st morning of each respective show. This is new for River's Edge, but a long time goal for my inventory management. I couldn't be more thrilled as it's been a long hot summer changing "how I do it".

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