Tip Tuesday 12/17/19 Tools of the Trade Care

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Tip Tuesday 12/17/19 Tools of the Trade Care

Caring for our textile tools can make a huge difference in enjoying or being frustrated with the process.

Here is a simple maintenance tip for shears and cutters* that are held together with screws, not nylon washer assemblies. They are typically steel. This can also be used on rotary cutter assemblies when blades are being replaced/removed.

Using 50 Wt household sewing machine oil, open the shears as shown in the middle of the photo and apply a generous drop above and below the screw assembly, turning over and applying on the underside the same. Slowly rock the scissors while open back and forth to allow the oil to get down into the assembly.

Slowly open and close the blades several time as you tip them. If there is a build of lint in the assembly, you may have to apply more oil to held dislodge it.

Using a soft absorbent cloth like 100% cotton flannel, as a single layer, open the blades again as shown in the middle, and wipe away extra oil.

Sometimes what may appear as tools needing sharpening actually only need a good oiling/cleaning. 

*I do not recommend taking shears or thread clips apart (they are factory set) but "work" around their assemblies gently.

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