Trying something new with the E-Newsletter

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Trying something new with the E-Newsletter

After checking with the powers that be - the River's Edge Fiber Arts Fans group on FB - my go to for opinions, quick surveys and what have you, it seems the answer is yes!

As I revamp everything, I will be including in the E-newsletters a tip sheet related to each specific event prior to the event on how you can enjoy it the best.

So many times, attendees ask about "comfort" things especially, that I know, but you may not be aware of. Like, where are the additional hidden restrooms. The best little places to take a break. If bringing young people, where is the best place they can "chill" and be taken care of when needed and more. Or, are there activities for them specific (most times YES!). Or where can they get downtime without stimulation. I see fantastic parents, but why not make it easier for them to attend and enjoy! 

Interested? Scroll to the bottom and sign up for the E-newsletter!

Thank you.

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