Batts - Merino Yak Blend - Cool Louie #53

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Color: Bright blues, greens and purples make up this very popular colorway 7.7 ounces.

Gorgeous hand-dyed batts by Carol Larsen

Available in a blend of 70% Merino and 30% Yak ("Heavenly" as one client described it's hand), the fibers are well blended and indistinguishable except for the tell-tale super soft hand.

Each batt individually dyed with equal proportion of dye colors within a colorway but each one characteristically unique on its own. Photos show both front and back side of the batt listed, along with the other batts within the colorway in case you wish to cross match as close as possible.

Batts are approximately 2' by 6' plus/minus and weigh between 7 - 8.2 oz, each individually weighed and priced in proportion.

FELTING NOTES: Batts "may" be carefully separated but do not naturally peel in layers, you may need to "fill-in" spots to equal out if planning on nuno-felting or similar. Clients were using these for clothing, nuno-felting, flowers, base/ground cloth and needle felting.

SPINNING NOTES: I have spun both blends and each one is fun but different in its own rights.

1. Both the Merino/Silk Noil and the Merino/Yak blend I found does best with a modified mid-range long draw with the twist traveling up into the fiber. I spun both as a singles and 2-ply. The Merino/Yak blend I spun similar although it's much softer and creates a fluffier yarn depending on your skills and your desired look.

2. If you are expecting a perfectly smooth yarn, I recommend using top, not batts. The batts will give the spinner a beautiful yarn with enough uniqueness to know it was done by hand. I thoroughly enjoy working with them and love offering them to you.

3. Clients were intending to use created yarns I spun for weaving and knitting where a unique subtly textured yarn sets off the work. 

4. Check the pictures, I have included one showing me "stripping" a piece about 2-3' wide lengthwise, slightly attenuating it, and rolling it into a soft ball ready to start spinning with it. You can prepare however makes you happy. There are no spinning police here.

Care: like any hand-dyed fibers, I always hand wash cold with soap, line or flat dry, no bleach, whiteners or brighteners.