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Please note, for each mask purchased, one is given in your name to a senior here in my area. I have a growing list of local seniors who so far have been beyond grateful for those I have reached.

I can no longer afford the supplies, so I am hoping I can count on your purchase to help me continue to do this work.

ABOUT THE FACE MASKS - 2 layers of high thread count cotton. Front is fashion fabric of high thread count cotton fabric, the back is a high thread count cotton muslin in natural or white.

The finished measurements with pleats extended as in the photo of me are ~8" from top to bottom, and ~8" from side to side. Folded about 8" wide by 3 1/2" high.

Please note the "shorter" stitching across the top is actually where a moldable piece is that is also removable, there are "openings" on the back side to slide them in/out. There are 2 replacements included per mask if you want to in the future.

The elastic for the ear loops is made from cotton wrapped elastic treated for use in chlorinated water. (I have used this high quality brand for over 40 years due to its ability to retain its elasticity when wet, comfort level and wearability). The cotton is a natural colored. Some wear the loops directly over their ears, others will use an additional tie to hold across the back of their head, personal preference.

I make no medical/health benefit claims as these are not tested at a medical lab that would require a massive delay in bringing them to market.

These masks do not have any pocket in them for a supposed filter. My opinion regarding filters, as a textile scientist, I am unable to recommend untested/unproven/non-medically approved products for filters, that is up to each individual. If you desire to use one, I recommend you place it onto the muslin side of the mask prior to putting the mask on.

Some medical personal are using them as an outer layer to keep their much limited supply of N-95 masks cleaner. I have read where it's recommended if you are using these as a regular citizen to put on a clean one every two hours of usage and wash.

While they come to you unwashed, that is because you will be breathing through these and everyone has their own preference as to detergent/soap. Please, wash them in hot water and your desired soap prior to use. Line dry, do not use any type of fabric softener product as it leaves a residue in the fabric that can "attract" particles in the air.

Always handle your mask by the elastic ear pieces and not by the fabric/face to keep it as uncontaminated as possible.

Do not grab the mask by the face front except at the very top edge to shape the nose piece and adjust if needed, and tug on the very edge of the bottom to lower down under your chin.

When removing your mask, do so from the ear pieces, bringing them together in front of your face, "folding" in the front of the mask onto itself without touching it. Immediately place your mask in a way to be washed.

Thank you for your consideration.

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