2 Pack - Silky Kid - Color: Celtic Thunder

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Deep Green, Charcoals, Rust, Amber, Wine and Autumn Golds make up this gorgeous colorway.

For 2 Skeins about 900 yards total.

About the Silky Kid (Mohair):

Because of the silk core, and kid being the 1st or 2nd clip from Kid Mohair Goats - the softest stage, it is frankly heavenly to work with. The "halo" gives any project a gorgeous "glow" regardless of the colorways.

Yarn Specs: 72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk, lace weight, 1ply yarn, 450 yds, 50 grams or about 1.75 ounces. (reg. $28 a skein sold individually)

Because this blend is inherently "no give" or "no elasticity", I find knitting a sample for about 20 minutes will help your hands acclimate to get the correct tension in your project, if a "carry along" with another yarn, sample the two together as one.

Care: like all hand-dyed fibers, hand wash cool, line or flat dry, no bleach, whiteners or brighteners. I use a few drops of Dawn.

If you are interested in receiving your yarns in cake/ball form, that service is now being offered by River's Edge as a separate order per skein. Thank you so much. Carol & Louie