Heathers & Silky Kid - Color: Sky Fall / Blueberries

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Deep turquoise, bright blue, wine rose with charcoal in the Sky Fall/Heathers, and without in the Blueberries, creates a lovely similar but slightly different color pairing.

Two different yarns - that create gorgeous fabric held as one, or alternating like in the Ravelry Pattern: Summer Camp. There is plenty to create Summer Camp - start with the Cashmere blend first!

About the "Heathers" Yarn:

Premium fingering/sock weight yarn, excellent for hand-knitting, crocheting, weaving (I set at 10 EPI), CSM's (circular sock knitting machines), regular knitting machines, lace work and more. Clients have remarked about how buttery soft this yarn feels, yet wears very well and takes dyes brilliantly.

The cashmere/merino blend is heavenly for that special product for anyone special in your life. This is excellent for shawls, scarves, sweaters, hats, lightweight mittens /gloves.

Fiber Content: 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon, Yards: ~600 yds per skein, 4-ply, Weight: ~5.2 oz / 150g. (reg. $42 a skein when sold separately).

About the Silky Kid (Mohair):

Because of the silk core, and kid being the 1st or 2nd clip from Kid Mohair Goats - the softest stage, it is frankly heavenly to work with. The "halo" gives any project a gorgeous "glow" regardless of the colorways.

Yarn Specs: 72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk, lace weight, 1ply yarn, 450 yds, 50 grams or about 1.75 ounces. (reg. $28 a skein sold individually)

Because this blend is inherently "no give" or "no elasticity", I find knitting a sample for about 20 minutes will help your hands acclimate to get the correct tension in your project, if a "carry along" with the Heathers, sample the two together as one.

Care: like all hand-dyed fibers, hand wash cool, line or flat dry, no bleach, whiteners or brighteners. I use a few drops of Dawn.

If you are interested in receiving your yarns in cake/ball form, that service is now being offered by River's Edge as a separate order per skein. Thank you so much. Carol & Louie