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Persimmon: The Persimmon Socks are a zesty addition to the Crew Sock line. Burnt orange blends spectacularly with pomegranate red and pale pink to give you a harmonious medley of colors. Colors in this sock: burnt orange, pomegranite red, pale pink, aluminum gray, and porpoise gray.

SMALL: Women's 6-7.5, Men's 5-6.5
X-LARGE: Women's 12+, Men's 11-14

Solmate Socks - the darling of mismatched socks!

The Cotton Socks have been knit with recycled cotton yarn. The yarns are created by recovering the scraps from the production of other cotton products, mainly t-shirts. All of the little cotton scraps are gathered together and ground up so that they can be spun into yarns for Solmate Socks.

Additionally, our recycled yarns are certified by Made in Green ( and Oeko-Tex ( This means that the materials we use are certified to be free from harmful substances (ie toxins like formaldehyde), made with respect for the environment and with respect for human rights.

By sourcing our cotton yarns from recycled materials we are creating an environmentally responsible cotton product by reducing the amount of virgin cotton that needs to be grown (and the toll that takes on the earth) and at the same time we are helping to reduce landfill waste.