SWM Tencel Blend Top - Cotton Candy - 1/2 lb

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8 ounces / 1/2 lb offering

Super soft, highly lustrous, finished yarn is drapey leading to gorgeous elegant finished garments.

I dye them. The Superwash Merino takes the dye brilliantly while the Tencel (the finest diameter rayon) stays white creating a soft "glow" or "mistiness" to the finished yarn.

This blend is excellent for spinning, a little slick for beginners, and can be needle felted, but because of the merino wool being treated aka superwash, it will not wet felt.

If you tend to overtwist in spinning, this blend can handle it, ply it back and will drape beautifully. I do not recommend overtwist, but testing to make sure you put in enough twist so it plies the way you desire - test of course at the beginning.

Once this line is gone, it will no longer be available, don't wait.

I have spun this short to mid-draw with no problems at all!

Louie sez to relax and enjoy it because his momma sure does and she won't sell anything she hasn't put through it's paces before offering it to you. Arf!